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Keep faith, peace and kindness in your heart and you shall always shine. Love is the greatest power on earth.  It conquers all things.

A very happy holiday season to everyone.  May the joy and peace of this season find a place in your heart.  

All my life I’ve loved snow……….especially first snow falls.  There’s something very magical about that first glimpse of the world coated in white….fresh and quiet.   It makes you believe that all things are possible.

Senior pictures have changed so much over the years. Graduating seniors are getting much more creative in terms of where and how they pose for their photographs. I love these recent photos we took of Taylor. She decided to push her pictures up to the end of 2016 even though she will not be graduating Read more ..

I have always felt the need to take photographs but this year I feel it more keenly than ever before.  It feels like a need to document the beauty that I see around me.  I believe in the everlasting resiliency of Mother Nature and I pledge to do what I can to preserve this beautiful, Read more ..

I’m a passionate photographer, but also a devoted gardener. Whenever I’m outside working in my garden I love to keep my camera close at hand. It does my heart good to capture the daily life going on outside my home and to know that I’m doing all I can to protect my immediate environment. If Read more ..

Most of us are at least a little camera shy. And then when we see the pictures, we’re often very critical. After just finishing a photo shoot with Dillon and his parents, Dillon took over the show, jumping from pose to pose and just plain enjoying himself. There’s something to be learned here about self-acceptance Read more ..