About Us

Jean Zaputil

Everywhere I look and everything I see becomes a picture. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember.  I’ve taken photographs, painted, drawn, and arranged pictures for my entire life. I’ve also created three dimensional “pictures” by designing interiors, flowers, and landscapes.  Working as a professional photo-stylist for book and magazine shoots gave me the opportunity to work on the other side of the camera.  I consider color, shadow, light, balance, and pattern every time I click the shutter and strive to capture the essence of whatever or whoever it is that I’m photographing.  My goal is for every one of my clients to be more than happy with the pictures I take and to feel that I listen to them, work with them, and interpret their wishes in my work.

Mark Zaputil

When I look at objects and scenes, I see them in my mind as though I’m looking through a camera lens.  I instinctively think about how that scene can become a great picture. As a child, my first photographs were of trains and pets.  I’ve progressed from shooting black and white print film to Kodachrome to digital photography.  I love digital photography because it gives me more creative freedom and control over the final images.  Over the years, I’ve had photographs published in books, calendars, and magazines.  I’ve found that using a photojournalistic approach, capturing those timeless moments at an event, whether it be a wedding or a concert, is what I enjoy most.

Client Reviews:

“We were married in our back yard. They came hours before to look at our yard and the interior of our home to prepare. Jean and Mark arrived on time. They took pictures I wouldn’t have thought about and took all the photos of family we asked for. (Photos of families that attended our wedding as well as all the family pictures of our joined families). They moved around nearly unnoticed and captured moments I didn’t know they took. Our wedding was on a Saturday and on Monday there were several photos available online. But less than a week we got to see all the photos. I couldn’t recommend Jean and Mark more! They were professional and creative and we are left with wonderful photographs. – Susie Vens

As a professional speaker in the floral industry, I needed a different kind of “portrait” for use on my website and to supply to venues and publications who request photos for their promotional efforts. Jean Zaputil of Studio Z Design and Photographhy was the ideal person for this project. She came up with a series of editorial-style images that are simply beautiful, especially because of their composition and use of natural light. The images capture me at work rather than “posed”. They are visually interesting and will look great for both print and web-based publication. And most of all, Jean put me at ease so that I was more relaxed and confident as a photo subject. I would recommend her for any occasion – especially weddings – when you need someone who has an incredible eye for composition and the commitment to storytelling through photography. – Debra Prinzing, founder of slowflowers.com

“We can’t thank Mark and Jean enough for going above and beyond for making our wedding day perfect! They scoped out the area weeks before to find the perfect spots to take pictures. Our wedding day ran so smooth because of them. They moved things right along and got us to the next place we needed to be in a timely manner. Our wedding party was big, so having to get everyone in position for the pictures was a struggle, but they pulled it off! Every single one of our pictures turned out perfect, from getting ready, the first glance photos, the wedding party photos, to the family photos, they were all done beautifully! They were able to capture the love and happiness of such a wonderful day in the photos! We would recommend anyone and everyone to Studio Z Design and Photography. Mark and Jean have such a passion for what they do and we enjoyed every second with them.” – Breannah Ringler, Bride June 2016